Top 10 Reasons to Subscribe to Macaroni Kid

September 1, 2019

10. Macaroni Kid gets you out of the Walls-Closing-In-On-You, I-Don't-Feel-Like-Cleaning-Today, I-Need-A-Break-From-This-Mess house. And not only do you get a comprehensive list of LOCAL family-friendly events and activities but also delicious recipes, fun crafts, and the inside scoop on local businesses.
9. We wear your kids out. Plain and simple. No, no. Shhhh... don't thank us. It's our pleasure.
8. We get our readers DISCOUNTS and FREE stuff!! Hello!!! We get you discounted admissions, percentages off of vendors, FREE trial classes!! WE ARE LIKE WALKING COUPONS!! Can you say "Cha-Ching"?!?
7. Our husbands even help. Come on. We have recruited good-looking men to fix us snacks and run after the kids while we create a rockin' newsletter for you!
6. We are all email and internet. We are a GREEN company! No paper to throw away and no inked-up fingers!
5. Your friends are tired of you calling them asking what's going on in your neighborhood this weekend. They are starting to screen your calls. It's time. They subscribe... you should too! Then the conversation can be more like, "So, how do we choose which of these awesome activities to do this Saturday?"
4. We all know most husbands have NO CLUE what it takes to be a mom. They come home, the house is clean, food is cooked and children are happy (most of the time, anyway). When you need a break, text them a link to our Events page and be on your merry way.
3. Did someone say FUNNEL CAKE at the CARNIVAL???? WHERE? WHEN??? HOW??? Sooo there.

2. I think I heard on a late night infomercial that subscribing to Macaroni Kid will not only make your teeth whiter, hair thicker, tummy tighter, and increase your metabolism the natural way, it will help you earn tens of thousands a week while working from home 10 minutes a day. OK, that one could have been a dream... note to self... no more jelly beans after 9:00 PM.
1. Because we know what it is like to have a career AND a family. We understand how valuable your weekends with your kids are, and that their pressures nowadays are real. They need to unwind too! We get that you would rather be out and about with your family rather than sitting around the table trying to figure out what to do or where to go.

We know all too well that they grow up fast, and that time with your children is precious and cannot be replaced. We get it ... and we want to pass it on! So join the Mac Kid family today and SUBSCRIBE! We love our readers! In fact, we are sending you all a BIG KISS right now!! 💋