Book Review: Six Tails

Written by Pat Postek, Illustrated by Sarah Tommer

By Reviewed by Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock Publisher August 22, 2012
Macaroni Kid Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock is pleased to continue our Colorado Children's Author Series with a review of Six Tails. This collection of heart-warming stories, written by mother and grandmother Pat Postek, is the perfect book for a family to read aloud together, even if the kids are all old enough to read by themselves.

Each of the six stories is based upon a real-life experience and told from the perspective of the lovable dogs: Cinco, Frasier, Stasha, Bentley, Fred, and Lily. What makes them special is that each "tail" also teaches a life lesson. My personal favorites were Stasha's and Bentley's stories because they were about accepting and celebrating ourselves. As a child, I remember focusing on and feeling awkward about the things that I thought made me different from other kids and I just wanted to fit in. I think all children want that. But these stories teach that we all have something special about us and our differences are part of our beauty.

Each section is short, just four or five pages. We read the first three stories in one sitting and my kids were not fidgeting, poking each other, staring at the ceiling, or interrupting with questions about school the next day. Instead, they listened with great interest and begged me for "just one more." I would recommend this book for families with children in preschool up to 3rd or 4th grade. Definitely read them together so you can talk about the different lessons along the way. Six Tails is available for purchase online in hardback, paperback, or as an e-book.

About the Author: Pat Postek and her husband live in Broomfield, Colorado. She wrote Six Tails to forge and maintain a strong connection with her three grandchildren, who all live out of state. During the publication process, two of her grandchildren were diagnosed with autism. Postek says, "I wrote Six Tails to share life lessons with my grandchildren, and it is now my grandchildren who are teaching all of us in the family powerful, life-altering lessons every day. We each have a special gift to give!" The author donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book to Autism Speaks, an organization whose goal is to change the future for all who struggle with autism spectrum disorder.

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