We Asked 50 Moms About Their Mother's Day Wishes and They Said...


By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock Publisher May 8, 2014

In 1914 the United States Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother's Day, and required that the President proclaim the holiday every year shortly before its arrival.

While a Presidential Proclamation is nice, we know what moms REALLY want for Mother's Day this year.

How do we know? Simple... we asked! More than 50 moms responded to our question and the answers were sweet, funny, and surprisingly similar. Seriously, you would be stunned if you knew exactly how many moms requested one night in a hotel room by themselves!

If you are trying to find the perfect gift, read on for some great suggestions. And if you're hoping for the perfect gift, print or forward this article to someone who can make your dreams come true!

First, you should know...

We love being moms! It seems that we moms are practically incapable of talking about Mother's Day surprises for ourselves without also talking about how awesome our kids are. We readily admit that motherhood has changed us for the better. We love our children more than life itself!

And yet, for one day, we'd like a day off...

"From morning until night — no cooking, no cleaning."

"No wiping anyone else's bottom or nose."

"Someone to do just one load of laundry from beginning to end, including folding and hanging up."

So that we can...

"Listen, really listen, and talk to my child and learn what he thinks about the world at his age, and about me, and his surroundings (all recorded of course)."

"Spend a day out with my best friend or my Mom!"

"Cuddle on our love seat with my children while they tell me their hopes and dreams and even their fears."

"Go on a family hike or bike ride" or do "something special as a family."

"Smile and not feel so weighed down by life ... just enjoy each other for a day."

You can stick to the basics: food and sleep...

"I would really like to sleep in, just for one day" or "for a week straight" or even "every Saturday for a month!"

"Breakfast in bed with the newspaper and no interruptions" as long as I "don't have to clean up the kitchen afterward."

"The Melting Pot is always on my list."

But if you want to wrap something, consider...

"A coupon book with foot rubs, a night off from making dinner, washing my car, and things like that."

"A necklace with all of my kids' names on it."

"A bracelet with all my kids' birthstones in it."

And I've been really, really good this year, so maybe we could splurge a little on...

"A weekend away for our family that I didn't have to plan."

"A relaxing trip with just my hubby ... it's been too long since we got away without the kids!"

"One night in a hotel by myself so I can watch what I want or just sit in silence" but make sure it has "room service and late check-out."

"A weekly house cleaner and a professional organizer too" but I'd be very happy with "a cleaning service just for one day!"

"A full day spa treatment, including the white robes, massage, champagne or wine, mud treatment, and whatever else you get on one of these days I've never had! PLEASE???"

Let's start saving for...

"A dream vacation" and it would be even better "if he plans it and surprises me with the dates, places, and activities!"

"A trip to Hawaii!"

"A Disney cruise with our kids!"

"Someone else to landscape our backyard!"

"A year-long trip around the world!"

My best gift ever was...

"My husband's credit card so I could go shopping for new summer clothes."

"Candid pictures of my kids in everyday life (brushing their teeth, eating breakfast, getting dressed) assembled into a photo album so I could appreciate how cute they were instead of worrying about keeping us on schedule."

"My kids' handprints on a nice sheet of paper that was professionally framed."

"Anything that helps me remember these precious times" or "the presents that my children make just for me."

If miracles could happen, I'd want...

"One more day with my own mom and even her mom so they could spend time with me and my child. I would love to watch them hug and laugh together."

"To have one day each year when I could go back in time and re-live all my favorite moments with my boys."

"An extra 5 hours each day just for me to work out, read, hike, make music."

"A kitchen that cleans itself!"

"Unlimited sushi and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream."

"An in-home chef for a month."

And in the end, it's really still all about our children...

"What makes ME happiest is when my family is happy! I would wish for them to be rich with love, rich with friends, rich with happiness, and rich with wonder."

"I want to hear my daughter say I love you. That kid talks like crazy but hasn't said it yet."

"I want my children to trust in, pray to, and draw closer to Him so they can feel the peace and joy that comes with not having to be in complete control."

"Time with just my children every year — even when they're grown — so we can do the special things from their childhood, like playing Rummy 500 together, laughing, teasing."

"I want one UNINTERRUPTED day learning about my child."