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March 4, 2015
Geared toward teens and tweens and open to the public, these singular hand-crafted programs are sneak peeks into the extraordinary Threshold School.

Spring Programs

World Building Camp
Four-day program: March 14, 28, April 4, and 11, 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, Centennial
Students work in close-knit teams to develop an exotic new world from scratch, complete with its own terrains and biomes, history and cultures, creatures and plants, and economic and political systems.

Over the course of the camp, students learn something about physics, ecology, culture, and other subjects from the facilitators and guest scientists who help in reaching a certain level of realism and consistency. The students are also aided by a professional illustrator who brings their vision to life, as well as a published game designer to help turn their world into a campaign setting book for potential use with tabletop role-playing games.

Moons of Zartak
April 18, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM, Centennial
Players establish colonies on resource-rich moons. Operating in close-knit teams, players must explore unknown territories, harvest resources, use those resources to craft new tools and facilities, research new technologies, and negotiate with other players for mutual gain.

Moons of Zartak combines the strategic resource management of a complex computer game with the face-to-face interactivity of a live-action game to create an immersive new experience that rewards collaboration, creativity, and strategy.

Overnight Summer Camp Experiences

Fun Tantrum
June 8-11, Solid Rock Camp near Colorado Springs
Over the top, imaginative, and striving to set a new bar for creative fun, this overnight camp will invite young teens to explore radical self-expression in a safe environment. Campers will celebrate themselves and discover inner wells of imagination and creativity.

It is a four-day group journey featuring pirate-themed games on stand-up paddleboards; building unpredictable narratives with improvisational skits; absurd team games involving ice cubes, chocolate bars, costumes, and slippery tarps; role-playing with elements of mystery and treasure hunting; using the body as a giant brush to paint murals; and interpreting eclectic music via dance while wearing Zentai suits.

The Power in Us 
June 22-26, Golden Bell Camp near Colorado Springs
This transformative camp experience will be a significant early leg in the journey to adulthood. With support from extraordinary facilitators from throughout the country, teens will discover inner-warrior tenacity and the power latent in genuine teamwork as they negotiate whitewater rafting, high ropes courses, 900' zipline, and other thrilling activities.

For more information on these programs and to register, please visit the Threshold School website.