Summer Travel Simplified with Macaroni Kid

June 17, 2015

Got summer travel plans? Don't leave home without consulting Macaroni Kid!

Did you know Macaroni Kid is a national organization with over 600 local editions throughout the United States? With summer here, many families are planning vacations near and far. Whether you are planning a "staycation" or a cross-country trip, Macaroni Kid can help you make fun plans for your family wherever you go.

Before you spend hours scouring the internet for activities in the place you are visiting, consult Macaroni Kid. To find a Macaroni Kid site for your vacation destination, just visit and use the drop-down box on the right side of the page. The local editions will have listings for all the events happening in the area.

You can also click on the local edition's "Contact" button to send an e-mail to the local publisher. Macaroni Kid publishers are always willing to give you some tips about the area you’ll be visiting. Publishers know the ins and outs of the area and can tell you about hidden gems, kid-friendly restaurants, the must-see places to visit, and any special events that may be happening during your visit. They may even have suggestions for saving money on your trip!

Here in Colorado, we have 16 other Macaroni Kid sites, each providing a complete list of local events and activities for kids and families to enjoy:

Whether you're taking a day trip, a long vacation, or simply exploring the Denver Metro area, why not let Macaroni Kid be your guide? Macaroni Kid can help make your summer vacation planning easy and fun!