Macaroni Cares: Every Child Deserves a Special Birthday

June 24, 2015

The joy of opening a present, blowing out the candles, and hearing the birthday song is what memories are made of. But for families who are struggling just to put food on the table each day, birthday cake and presents can be too much of a strain on the budget.

The generosity of the community helps stock our local food banks. In addition to providing much needed food and toiletries, families can also help make birthday wishes come true by donating to the Birthday Room at the Help and Hope Center Douglas-Elbert Task Force.

Like the food bank, the Birthday Room is stocked through donations from generous groups and individuals in the community. Some of the clients who come to the local food banks for help have a child (or children) with a birthday coming. When that is the case, the Help and Hope Center gathers the age, sex, interests, and "Wish List" of the child and then go "shopping" in the Birthday Room.

The toys provided from the Birthday Room are NEW, unopened, and unwrapped gifts. This way the parents get the opportunity to provide something special to their children during this financial troublesome time.

In addition, families receive a birthday bag with cake mix, frosting, candles, party favors, gift wrap, and balloons so they can have a real celebration for their child and make it a special day! What a great feeling for parents who are having a hard time to be able to provide a "Happy Birthday" for their child.

Another unique thing about the Birthday Room is that they also help those kiddos who are invited to attend a birthday party. No child wants to show up to a birthday party without a gift for their friend, so the Help and Hope Center provides them with a birthday present to take so they can feel good about joining the party.

How can you help and get involved?

  • Donate new unwrapped toys to the Help and Hope Center.
  • Donate cake mix, frosting, candles, balloons, party favors, gift wrap, large gift bags, tissue paper, and decorations.
  • Have a toy drive or a charitable birthday to collect toys for the birthday room.
  • Donate money to the Douglas/Elbert Task Force or Fresh Harvest Food Bank so they can purchase what they need.
  • Shop at the Treasures on Park Street store so the Task Force can turn the money you spend into money for services for local families.
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