Craft Corner: Tiny Footprint Butterfly Wings

Footprint and Handprint Crafts Make the Best Keepsakes

By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher September 22, 2015

There isn't much in this world that is cuter than a baby's teeny, tiny little toes (well, maybe those round, chubby thighs).

One day, it will be hard to remember that those great big feet bounding up and down the stairs (did I give birth to a herd of elephants???) were ever small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. Preserve the memory by creating an adorable piece of artwork that is sure to brighten up any room!

Make this a joint project with your spouse or another new parent... it is so much easier when you have extra hands! If you can, make a few, as this is a great gift for the grandparents too!

What You Need:

  • A canvas
  • Paint for the background
  • Contrasting paint for the butterfly wings
  • Black or brown paint for the butterfly body

What You Do:

1.) Paint the canvas any color you choose.

2.) Paint a thin coat of paint on the bottom of your baby's foot. If you use too much, it is likely to slide around and smear, which is what happened to us on our first attempt. If it happens to you, simply repaint the canvas and start again.

3.) Gently but firmly press your baby's foot against the canvas wherever you want to place the butterfly wing. You will use the left foot for the right wing, and the right foot for the left wing.

4.) Repeat Step 2 and 3 with the opposite foot, leaving a small amount of space between the wings for the butterfly's body.

5.) Use the black or brown paint to create the butterfly body. You can even make it with your baby's thumbprint or your own.

6.) Add a few more embellishments if desired and hang it up!