By Heather Bauer December 8, 2015
My sister and I, along with our kids, made this apron last year for my mom. She loves to bake, especially for the holidays, so an apron was a useful gift for her. And even though my sister and I live in two separate states, we were able to coordinate on this project. She bought the apron and the paint and placed her son's footprint right in the middle of the apron. Then she mailed the apron and paint to me, and I added my girls' footprints.

After the footprints were dry, I used additional fabric paints to paint on the reindeer faces, bows, and polka dots. Such a fun gift to make! And, of course, my mom loved it!

What You Need:
  • White apron
  • Fabric paint and markers
  • Assorted paint brushes
  • Children's feet (preferably attached to children ... your children ...)
  • Optional: circle stamp (I used an apple corer to cut a circle out of a sponge)
What You Do:
  1. Place the footprints. This is the hardest part. I recommend folding up the apron so you have only the chest square visible. Place wax paper between the folded fabric, so paint doesn't bleed on to the rest of the apron. Paint the bottom of your child's foot and stamp a footprint onto the apron. This is a little easier with two adults — one can lift and lower your child while the other guides the foot. Paint in some of the foot print if major pieces are missing.
  2. Paint on the reindeer. Once the footprints are dry, use white paint, black sharpie or paint, and red paint to give the foot prints eyes, noses and antlers. And if you’re up for it, bows are cute on the girl reindeer.
  3. Add dots. I used an apple corer to cut out a circular piece of sponge, and then added red, green, and white dots to the rest of the apron. This is totally optional but adds a festive touch.
  4. Bestow your gift! This is the best part!

Heather Bauer is the mother of two girls, ages 3 and 5, in Highlands Ranch. In an effort to cherish and document her daughters' early childhood years, Heather writes and shares ideas on how to make life with little ones fun, creative, and beautiful. Follow her blog, The Caterpillar Years, and connect with her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.