5 Things To Do With All That Halloween Candy

🎃 Great Tips for Halloween

By Jamie Twarogowski October 30, 2019

We all know that candy is not so good for our little people. If you're like me, you're hoping to limit the intake of the sweets as best you can. Here's a list of fun ideas that you can do with all that candy. It just might be possible we make everyone happy this Halloween.

1. Invite the Switch Witch over!
Halloween night, after the children have drifted off to sleep, the Switch Witch visits and collects the candy left for her by the children and switches it out with a toy!

2. Participate in a local Halloween Candy Buy Back.
Each year, dentists and orthodontists around the country participate in Halloween candy buy-back events, "purchasing" Halloween treats from their patients with cash, coupons, toothbrushes, and other creative exchanges. Check with your child's dentist to see if he or she is buying back Halloween Candy this year.

3. Whip up something delicious!
There are numerous recipes that you can create using the leftover Halloween treats. Have your kids help decide which would be fun to create and bake something together. One fun idea: try our "Day After Halloween" Brownies.

4. Countdown to Thanksgiving.
Similar to an Advent calendar, create cups of sweet treats to enjoy one per day as Thanksgiving approaches! Get complete instructions here.

5. Save it for your Gingerbread House!
Every year we create a fun Gingerbread House, but the candy to decorate is expensive! We started saving the leftover Halloween candy just for this purpose. With the exception of a few candy canes, I haven't had to buy candy for our Christmas decorating for years!

BONUS IDEA: If all else fails... confiscate it for your own stash.
The chocolate candies melt especially well in a hot cup of coffee or cocoa!