Macaroni Craft: 3-D Paper Snowflake

Cool Winter Craft

By Briana Hill and Laura Miller January 12, 2016

Need a fun seasonal craft for older kids? This beautiful three-dimensional paper snowflake looks difficult and intricate but only takes about 10-15 minutes. Once my kids started making them, they couldn't stop! We had a veritable blizzard happening right in our own family room!

What You Need:

  • Six 4-inch squares of paper

  • Scissors

  • Tape

  • Stapler (optional)
Hole punch

  • String

What You Do:

1. After cutting out all the squares, fold each square in half to make a triangle.

2. Next you have two options:

a. Cut three lines up on each side on the folded part, following the same angle as the edges of the triangle. Leave about 1/2 inch uncut in the center, OR

b. Fold the triangle in half again, then make 3 cuts following the same angle as the edges of the triangle starting at the open short side, cutting towards the folded side. Leave 1/4 inch uncut.

3. Open each square and fold the points together, starting at the center. Use clear tape to attach the pieces.

4. Flip the paper over and fold the second set of points together and continue alternating sides.

5. Repeat for the other five squares of paper.

6. To assemble the snowflake, take two or three pieces and staple or tape them together at one end of the points.

7. Attach the rest of the pieces in pairs or groups of three, then join the groups at the center of the snowflake.

8. Add a staple or piece of rolled tape between each section of the snowflake sides to hold them together.

9. You can use a hole punch to make a hole on one of the snowflake tips to tie a string through so you can hang it up.