6 Tips for a Successful Football Game with Kids

🏈 Helpful Tips for Your Next Game Day

By Mary Monahan February 2, 2021

In Colorado, we love our football! 

With sellout seasons and some of the highest local TV ratings of any NFL city, many residents are afflicted with Broncomania. Women make up almost half of the NFL's fan base, and the Crush Broncos Fan Club for Women has thousands of members.

Whether it's your first or 50th time watching a football game, here are some tips for a successful experience with your kids.

1) Make a Pre-Game Stop at a Dollar Store.
Purchase a few little toys (army men, coloring book, foam puzzles, etc.). At the first sign of boredom, pull one out for your child. For older kids, use them as rewards while watching the game — first toy/prize at the first touchdown, first interception, etc., and so on.

2) Monitor Sleep Schedules.
Consider a nap or quiet time in the afternoon before all the excitement begins. A well-rested child is much happier. (This goes for parents too.)

3) Get the Wiggles Out.
Play catch with the football in the backyard or get the neighbors together for flag football. Make moving part of your event.

4) Have Healthy Snacks on Hand.
Game Day food is part of the experience, but too much munching on chips and dip can lead to upset tummies. Keep a veggie tray alongside the dips, and make sure your child drinks plenty of water.

5) Set Up Strategically.
If you have very young children who have no interest in the game, set up the playroom or one of the bedrooms with toys, snacks, and a family film to keep the kiddos entertained. If they aren't used to the remote control, show them how to pause the movie so they can join the grown-ups anytime it sounds exciting.

6) Have realistic expectations.
Football games can be too long and too loud for kids, but they can be a fun activity for the whole family with a little preparation.