5 Tips to Help You Reach Your Health Goals

How to Meet Your New Year Goals

By Robyn Diamond February 23, 2016

It's easy to get caught up in the spirit of self-improvement, eating healthier, or exercising more during the time of New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, many people give up on or completely forget about them by the time Valentine's Day rolls around (if not before). Here are five tips to help you stick to your health goals, not just this year, but to infinity and beyond.

1.) Hydrate & Rest: Let's get back to the basics. Most of us walk around dehydrated and sleep deprived all day long, and some of us don't even know it. We are so used to feeling sick and tired that we accept it as the norm. Without proper sleep and hydration, we can't expect our bodies or minds to stick to anything besides the couch.

Water: When I say hydration, I'm talking WATER! Clean, clear, water to fuel our body and flush out toxins. Dehydration can cause hunger, cravings, headaches, muscle cramps, and so much more. Next time you are hungry when you think you shouldn't be, grab a tall glass of water instead. Start your day with a glass of room temperature water and drink water before each meal to help eliminate over eating.

Stay away from sugary and caffeine-filled sodas and energy drinks. They can cause dehydration, and they are filled with toxic chemicals. Want to make your own "Gatorade"? Add a pinch each of sea salt and baking soda to your water, a squeeze of a citrus fruit (lemon, lime, or orange), then shake it up and enjoy. Or follow this recipe for a Healthy Homemade Sports Drink.

Sleep: Without sleep we can't expect anything from our mind or body. When are cravings the worst? When you're tired. Ever notice how you eat the pint of ice cream late at night? Yep, you're tired, your willpower has worn off, and you could probably benefit from a cup of decaf herbal tea and a pillow. It's recommended that adults get 8 hours of sleep a night. Your body needs this time to reboot for the next day. If you're tired, how can you exercise, eat right, or help others?

2.) Plan & Write: Without a plan, a goal is just a dream. Having a plan to achieve puts you in control of the steps. Develop a plan and tape it to your bathroom mirror (right under your goal). Now you know each and every day what you need to do to be successful.

When writing be as clear and concise as possible:  Add WHAT, WHEN, HOW, WHERE and even a WHY to your statement. Here is an example:

I will spend Sunday afternoons meal planning and preparing food for the week’s meals and snacks by chopping and steaming veggies and storing them in serving size containers so I will always have healthy choices available.

3.) Limit and Eliminate: Sugar, alcohol, and processed foods can cause inflammation, brain fog, disease, weight gain, and so much more. I'm not talking about fruits and sugars from whole foods. I'm talking about processed, refined white sugar (or brown) that comes in big bags or little packets and is found in processed foods. 

If you need a little sweetness in your life, don't reach for the fake stuff because they are all chemicals and can cause just as many, if not more, problems. Instead, try a drop of local honey or some real maple syrup. Alcohol is sugar so limit yourself to a couple of drinks a week or special occasions. Read the list of ingredients on the package of processed foods and don’t be fooled by the big, colorful words on the front. There is hidden sugar everywhere.

4.) Connect Inside and Out: We all want to feel connected and know that we are not alone. Find yourself a support network and a goal partner. Connect with family, friends, an online group, or people in your community. The most important connection of all is with yourself. The more you clean out your body and mind of the "junk," the better you can hear what your body truly needs. Remember we are all different, so find what helps you thrive and connect with others that "zing" in the same way.

5.) Invest: Invest in yourself. If you need help, get help. The better you feel, the more you have to give to others. It's a win-win.

BONUS TIP: Tell your head to hush up.

You are not the gremlins in your head so stop listening to them. You have everything you need inside you to rock your goals. Stop over thinking, get out of your own way, jump in, and go do it.

Robyn Diamond is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 1995, Robyn found her way to Health Coaching through her personal health challenges. After many years of experimenting with medications, she took her health into her hands and turned to nutrition and lifestyle to heal her body. Robyn lives in Hickory with her husband, two kids, dog and guinea pig. When she is not experimenting in the kitchen, you will find her on her yoga mat, laughing with her kids, playing tennis, or in front of her computer researching all kinds of Health-Happy topics. To find out more about Robyn, her education, approach, and more tips, please visit and on Facebook at HealthHappyRobyn.