Preparing for Spring Sports for a Stress-Free Season

By Heather Harrington, Macaroni Kid Boise Publisher April 4, 2022

For many of us, springtime usually brings loads of sports. Whether it be soccer, baseball, roller hockey, or softball, we spend a lot of time around ball fields and rinks. As parents, that can cause a lot of stress, disorganization, and not-so-smart choices.

Spring is my favorite season but it goes by quickly for me because I have three sons in baseball and a preschooler. I'm going to try to follow my own advice this year and try to make it stress-free!

Get the Kids Involved

First, get your ball players included. If your kiddos are old enough to play team sports, they are old enough to help out. Hang a chart at eye level so they can see when practices and games are. Have them lay out their uniform each night before bed. Make them a checklist of gear they need to make sure to bring to each game.

Be Prepared

If you have a little one on the sidelines with you, be sure to keep a stocked diaper bag always ready. Have plenty of diapers, wipes, snacks, sunscreen, and a water bottle. An hour-long practice or two-hour game can be too long for a toddler's attention span. Take a walk around the park, blow bubbles, or color with crayons to help keep them busy.

Meal Plan in Advance

None of us wants to eat Happy Meals every day but the times of practices and games can make dinner time more challenging. A little prep work can help us put healthy meals on the table.

Now is a good time to start preparing or prepping several meals on weekends. Put a meal into the slow cooker to be ready at a time that works for your schedule, or pre-cook a meal and then reheat in minimal time. A sandwich and soup night or breakfast for dinner are inexpensive ways to have a quick dinner. 

Try our Freezer to Slow Cooker Chicken Dishes or visit our Easy Main Dish Pinterest Board for recipes. 

Talk Safety

Many fields have playgrounds close by. Be sure to have a safety talk with your kids before sending them off to play. Review what to do about strangers and what to do if they are approached.

Protect Your Skin

And last but not least, always apply ample sunscreen when outside. It's messy, sticky, expensive, and most kids hate it but it is needed. The sun can be a dangerous enemy to our skin. Let's do our part to prevent any damage from it.

Don't forget about ears, lips, and feet — they get sunburned too! Re-apply often if you use the aerosol spray sunscreens, as the FDA does not feel they protect adequately.