Think Globally, Act Locally! Volunteer Opportunities in Douglas County

By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher April 10, 2018

Volunteer Connect Douglas County offers an innovative way to find volunteer opportunities in your own community. The Volunteer Connect Douglas County website portal, a county-wide community resource offered through the Partnership of Douglas County Governments (PDCG), is a one-stop shop for bringing together organizations in need of volunteers and individuals looking for ways to make meaningful contributions locally.

Want to volunteer?

You can find a number of diverse opportunities to share your time and talents by clicking "I want to volunteer" at You can specify your area of interest, geographic location, and even a preferred organization, or you can search by keyword according to your specific interests.

The benefits of using this interactive volunteer portal include:

  • Completing one profile for all opportunities that reflect your skills and interests.
  • Easily finding teen opportunities and completing required school district forms.
  • Finding opportunities for individuals, families, small groups, and large groups.
  • Instilling volunteerism values in children at an early age.
  • Finding reliable and timely information on volunteering opportunities.
  • Filtering opportunities based on interest, location or organization.
  • Ability to upload required forms and certifications.
  • Signing up for disaster response in your community.
  • Tracking your hours and mileage.

Volunteer Connect Douglas County is currently adding new nonprofit organizations in need of volunteers. If your organization is not a current member of the PDCG, visit and click "I need volunteers" to start the application process.