Science Lab: Teach Your Kids About Pollination

By Julie Follansbee April 12, 2016

Help your children understand just how pollination works with this fun snack-tivity!

What You Need:

  • Juice boxes
  • Paper plates
  • Foam or paper flower cutouts
  • Cheese puffs

What You Do:

1. Put a straw in the juice box and place a flower cutout over the straw or on the side of the juice box (represents the flower and nectar).

2. Place the juice box in the center of a plate and arrange cheese puffs around the box to represent the pollen.

3. Have the children drink the juice through the straw while the box is still flat on the plate. At the same time, have them rub their fingers on the cheese puffs.

4. Tell the children that they look like a butterfly drinking the nectar and collecting the pollen. Have them look at their fingers and see how orange they are from the "pollen." Explain that butterflies and bees will go to the next flower and spread the pollen there.