How to Host a Puzzle Exchange

By Mary Monahan, Macaroni Kid Lincoln April 26, 2016
As you work on your spring cleaning and start to find all the lost pieces of the puzzles you put together over and over all winter, you can get your puzzle collection ready for a puzzle exchange! 

What is a puzzle exchange? A puzzle exchange is when you put all of your puzzles in a container and switch with another family.

Why is this great? The puzzles that your kids are doing are "new" to them but you haven't had to buy them. It's a win-win. A puzzle exchange can be done with children's chunky puzzles or with traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Step 1:
Find all your puzzles and see if you are missing any pieces. Yes, this step takes time and if you are exchanging puzzles with a lot of pieces, it can take awhile to count all the pieces. My five year old spent a morning building all of our puzzles first to find out if there were any missing pieces.

Step 2:
Create a master list of all the puzzles in the container, noting if any are missing pieces. For example: Clock Puzzle - missing the #5. Tape the list to the top of the box to ensure that the recipient knows which puzzles need to go back in the box.

Step 3:
Exchange your container with another family and enjoy putting together new puzzles for a few hours.