Birthday Party Theme: Throw a "LET'S GET MESSY" Birthday Party

By Kyrie Collins, Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher July 5, 2016

What kid doesn't love to get messy? I know mine do! We recently threw a "Let's Get Messy" party right in our own backyard, and kids of all ages had a great time!

The Invitation:
Make handprints on a piece of paper, then write out the details. Start out with "Let's Get Messy" and encourage the parents to send their children wearing one of dad's old undershirts over their regular (old) clothing. Not only will it help protect their child's clothes, but it will really show off the level of messiness you achieve!

The Food:
Serve whatever food is your child's favorite, but skip the utensils and napkins. Kids have to eat with their fingers and wipe their mouths and hands with their shirt!

The Cake:
Bake your child's favorite flavor, then make homemade frosting in a variety of colors, but make it a little thinner than usual (just add more milk). Use spoons to splatter the cake with the frosting. See the picture above ... we adults had as much fun making the cake as the kids had at the party!

The Activities:
This is the really fun part! You can do anything that gets the kids messy. Here are a few ideas:

✿ Give everyone their own can of silly string.

✿ Have an egg toss. Line players up in two rows and have the players on one side toss a raw egg to each of the players on the other side. If the egg breaks, that team is "out" but if it doesn't, have everyone take a step back and toss again. The last team with an unbroken egg is the winner!

✿ Finger paint.

✿ Play the Pie Face Game (Never heard of it? Read our review!)

✿ Use cans of shaving cream to make Mohawks and other silly hairstyles (don't use whipped cream, unless you want the kids smelling like sour milk by the end of the party).

✿ Go "bobbing for donuts" with powdered sugar, glazed, or chocolate donuts. Hang them up with some yarn or string (we tied them to the underside of our deck but a tree branch would work too). Eat as much as you can without using your hands. It's harder than you might think!

✿ And if you are really brave — food fight! We bought an inexpensive bag of flour and let each kid grab a handful, set the open bag in the middle of the backyard, and then got out of the way! Consider having all the kids wear goggles during a flour/food fight, especially if you have younger kids at the party.