10 Things to do with Leftover Birthday Cake

By Heather Wirtz, Macaroni Kid EATS! Publisher July 5, 2016

It's never happened in my house, but I've heard that sometimes folks will have leftover birthday cake. If it happens to you, here are ten ideas to help you use it up. We just might have to bake two cakes next birthday just so we can try a few of these!

Ten things to do with leftover birthday cake:

  1. Cake pops
  2. Make into a trifle
  3. "Bread pudding" made from leftover cake
  4. Rum balls
  5. Use as a crumb crust for a pie
  6. Cake french toast
  7. Fold into vanilla ice cream to make your own personal "birthday cake ice cream"
  8. Add cake to a milk shake
  9. Cake croutons — bake like traditional croutons (try to avoid any icing) and use as a topping for ice cream
  10. Freeze it to enjoy later

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