5 Tips for Taking Kids to a Baseball Game

By Kelly Pramberger, Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Springfield April 1, 2018

"Love is the most important thing in the world, but baseball is pretty good too." –Greg, age 8

It seems like just yesterday that Mr. Macaroni was taking our Mac Kids to see their first baseball game. I remember documenting their adventure at home and urged my husband to do the same when they got there! I wanted to see video and photos of their first Major League ball game experience.

Everyone remembers their first baseball game. A great idea for a keepsake that a friend shared with me is to purchase a team ball and write the date, final score, and teams that played.

We are excited to return all together this year for more memory making and wanted to share with you some of our family's tips for taking your child to the ballpark for the first time!

1. Choose a daytime game. Leave your house early, find parking without rushing, and enjoy a full day in and around the park instead of going to a night game when the kids are more likely to be tired and you'll face interference with bedtime. Games can be long for young kids.

2. Have a safety talk before you leave. Talk about where to meet if you get separated. Also make sure your child is aware to keep their eyes open for fly balls and thrown bats. Have your child bring a glove in hopes of catching one of those fly balls. No matter where your seat is, a kid thinks they'll catch a ball. A good reminder for us adults is to not get lost in our cell phones.

3. Spend the money on good seats for their first game if you can afford it. Let your child really get a good view of the players and the action. Make a sign to cheer the team on and bring it with you. Set your DVR at home before you leave in hopes that you'll make it on TV and watch the game highlights another time!

4. Get the full ballpark experience. You have to enjoy a hot dog or other fun ballpark staples! Another idea is to grab a souvenir snack — this usually involves ice cream in a small team helmet! Peanuts usually get thrown by the vendor.

5. Wear sunscreen and a baseball cap. It's also a good idea to bring wipes as they are likely to touch everything heading in and out of the park.