Craft Corner: Recycle Your K-Cup® Coffee Pods to Make a Dinosaur

🌎 Cute Craft for Earth Day (or Any Day!)

By Gail Keller April 19, 2017

Kids love dinosaurs and I love reusing household items. Here's a cute craft for reusing those K-Cup coffee pods!

What You Need:

  • Used K-Cup® coffee pods
  • Acrylic paint (we used brown and green)
  • Cupcake wrappers 
  • Pipe cleaners in assorted colors, cute into approximately 1" pieces
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue, general purpose or tacky
  • Permanent markers
  • Scissors
  • Large safety pin or small nail (to use as hole punch)

What You Do:

1. Empty, wash, and dry your K-Cup coffee pods.

2. Paint K-Cups using acrylic paint. Let dry. Paint second coat. Let dry. We used brown and dark green paint.

3. Fold a cupcake wrapper in half, colored side out, and flatten.

For Triceratops:
4a. Put glue in a semi-circle in the center of the wrapper and place the open end of the K-Cup on the glue so that the hole in the narrow end of the cup faces down (away from the cupcake wrapper). Hold together until dry.

5a. Put a pipe cleaner in the hole as a horn. Glue on, or color eyes. Decorate as desired. 

6a. Punch a hole on each side of the K-Cup and place 2 additional pipe cleaners (Optional).

For Dilophosaurus:
Complete steps 1 through 3 above.

4b. Trace a circle around the narrow end of the K-Cup on the center of the wrapper. Cut out the circle.


5b. Slide the wrapper over the K-cup with the colored part of the wrapper facing the narrow end of the K-Cup.

6b. Put a pipe cleaner in the hole as a horn. Decorate the face using googly eyes or marker.

7b. Cut a narrow slit in the top and bottom of the wrapper.