Sky Ridge Pediatric Emergency Department: An ER Just for Kids

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September 27, 2017

Hopping, skipping, jumping, running. Kids are always in motion. Sometimes that motion results in an injury or illness. If your child needs medical attention, Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Sky Ridge Medical Center is here for you ... close to home.

Our expert pediatric emergency doctors and nurses provide Lone Tree and South Metro Denver with care 24/7. The Pediatric ER is conveniently located on the northeast side of campus in the Sky Ridge Hospital Evergreen building.


Our ER was specially designed for children. At the Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children at Sky Ridge, you'll find:

  • Dedicated pediatric emergency department with ambulance access and 11 private patient rooms.​
  • Doctors, nurses and techs who only work with children.
  • “Ouchless” ER experience with pain and anxiety reducing techniques.
  • Kid friendly waiting room.
  • Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children multi-specialty physician suite:
    • Surgery • Neurology • GI • ENT
    • Urology • Orthopedics • Neurosurgery
    • Pediatric Radiologists and Anesthesiologists.
    • Pediatric specific equipment.
  • Stress-relieving techniques with RxPlainER, a tablet for children that explains treatments and distracts them during procedures.

For more information on emergency care for kids, please visit When doctors and nurses partner with parents for children, we are AMAZING TOGETHER!​

​Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children
At Sky Ridge Medical Center
10101 RidgeGate Pkwy., Lone Tree
(720) 225-5439



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