STEM Super Heroes ~ Super Powers! Super Fun! Super Educational!

By Nancy Hahn November 15, 2017

Super Heroes have joined the lovable cast of characters on iRead2Know iHeartRadio! Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) are key learning elements in the iRead2Know Super Heroes Stories, and the superheroes are an excellent way to integrate exciting storylines that are chock-full of educational elements while being ultra-entertaining for children.

The Quantum Pink Learning Fountain on Planet Pink is where the iRead2Know Super Heroes go to discover the wonders of Math and how solving and analyzing problems is fun.

Meet Cybr Girl, ColorIna, LAN, Cycloid, Vorticity , Meta Verse and Nette! 

Cybr Girl 's adventures include fighting Cyborg along with anti bullying, throughout the Universe. She travels through time in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality and uses matter to transform her identity. 

ColorIna brings color to our world and uses light wave particles as her super power.

Meta Verse uses poems and his sharp wit to write music to create universal harmony and peace. 

Vorticity is a pseudo vector field and curls and rotates to the flow velocity.

LAN thrives developing his local area network, while Cycloid uses his powers to curve in the center of gravity. Nettie' is the motivational and inspirational leader of the group, and a NASA Scientist.

Why STEM Education?
America consistently ranks poorly against its global classmates in STEM subjects, placing 25th in math and 17th in science out of 31 countries ranked by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Only about 18 percent of high school seniors perform at or above proficiency in science subjects, according to the National Math and Science Initiative. 

STEM careers have always had some stigma attached to them that they are male-dominated fields. But for the first time in history, girls are exceeding their male classmates in science and math grades.  Parents hold a tremendous amount of power in how their daughters perceive STEM and their involvement in a broader way. 

“The lack of exposure to STEM is a big hurdle for young girls,” says Karen Purcell, professional engineer and author of Unlocking Your Brilliance: Smart Strategies for Women to Thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

In the past 60 years, technology has changed the way we function as a society, from the invention of the Internet (1960), GPS technologies (1978), to DNA fingerprinting (1984), and the iPod (2001). Science is everywhere and STEM education has the power to continue to impact all of us and fill our world with innovation and promise.

 Hi Friends! You can thank ME for ALL the beautiful colors in the Universe.
I bring color through waveform particles and my amazing superpowers.
I harness the force of light to create the vast spectrum of rainbow colors.
You know without light there would be no color.
Are we on the same WAVELENGTH?? ( giggle)
The sun is a big helper of mine because it has many wavelengths it transmits.
Anyway, Cybr Grl is a good friend of mine and so are Nette' Lan, and Vortex and Meta Verse.
I guess you could say we are a team. We use our combined superpowers to help out any planet any planet we can.
Rainbows of Luv,

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