10 Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts Other Than Candy

💑 Romancing Your Sweetie for Valentine's Day

By Jodi Lorence, Publisher of Macaroni Kid White Bear Lake-Shoreview-Roseville, MN January 31, 2018

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Along with showing your love for someone every day of the year, Valentine's Day is a day set aside where "love is in the air"!

Following is a list of responses from both men and women of items they enjoy receiving for Valentine's Day or any special occasion. Many responses were a quiet night together! Many stated that they celebrate on a different night so they aren't in the middle of the chaos of everyone going out to dinner.

Here are the Top 10 answers:

For Women
  1. Breakfast in bed
  2. Dinner & a movie
  3. Homemade cards & gifts
  4. Flowers & a bottle of wine
  5. Hotel overnight/Bed & Breakfast
  6. Jewelry
  7. A day out planned around places partner enjoys (example: coffee shop, shopping, a favorite restaurant, dancing)
  8. Spa Gift Certificate
  9. Surprise night on the town 
  10. Skating, sledding, & hot cocoa date
For Men
  1. Cologne & homemade card
  2. Outdoor equipment (hunting or fishing)
  3. Boxers, ties, watch, or clothing item
  4. Homemade dinner & dessert
  5. Fancy alcohol or favorite beer
  6. Dinner out at a favorite restaurant
  7. Car wash coupons
  8. Massage 
  9. Tools
  10. Comedy club date

Of course, you know your SO best. It really is the gesture; just choose items that you know will be special to that person.

For a mom with young children, it may be as simple as time away, doing what she enjoys — read, visit a friend, craft, nap, hike, or take a candlelit bath — without any little ones knocking at the door!

Whatever it is that you choose, enjoy this day of love!