Focus on Friendship & Inclusion on Valentine's Day

๐Ÿ’– Fun Idea for Valentineโ€™s Day

By Emily Cowan, Editor/Publisher of Macaroni Kid Newburyport, MA January 31, 2018

Valentine's Day offers the perfect opportunity for teachers to reinforce a sense of friendship and community in the classroom. For kids, this often means an exchange of valentines with classmates. Here are a few tips for helping everyone in the classroom to feel loved this Valentine’s Day.

Cut the candy. In fact, many classrooms ban candy valentines in keeping with school healthy-eating policies. While it's tempting to sneak a little something sweet in the envelope, check with your child's teacher before including that heart-shaped lollipop.

Get a head count. If your child is handing out valentines during class, everyone should get one. If possible, ask the teacher for a class list so you'll have every child's name. It's smart to include a few extra valentines in the stack, just in case.

Make it personal. Kids often enjoy making special valentines for their friends, creating personal cards with each friend in mind. Whenever possible, encourage your child to jazz up valentines with a personal touch. A simple compliment ("I like your hair!") can make another child's day.

Let your child take the lead. Your child should be able to create his or her valentines with minimal support — including addressing envelopes, if he or she is old enough. (There are also plenty of inexpensive store-bought options if your family isn't the crafting type.) If you do find yourself staying up late edging your kid's class valentines with scallop shears, don't worry ... your heart is in the right place!

Just keep the focus on friendships and your child will have a happy, love-filled Valentine's Day.