Are Your Kids Afraid of the Dark? This Game Can Help!

By Meghan Griech, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Quakertown-Doylestown October 17, 2018

When we lose electric and the house goes dark, my kids are always anxious and scared. Their imaginations run wild, flashlights need to be found, and assurances need to be said. Last week I received a new game that is going to change all that! 

My kids are loving Shadows in the Forest and are now wishing for darker nights. This is easy to set up and learn, since the game is basically hide and seek. It has been a hit for my family.

Setting Up The Game:
The set up is easy, lay out the board and put out the trees, stumps and stones together. These can be placed on the board in the open spaces, not in the stone path. Determine who the Seeker will be, then turn on the lamp and place it on any red rock. Now the Seeker is ready. 

Shadowlings hide within the tree and rock corners.  First, place their masks on their faces and while the seeker has their eyes closed hide the Shadowlings in a dark space (not in any part of the light).  

Playing the Game:
The Seeker rolls the glow in the dark die and moves the lamp amount on the die, when they come to a mossy rock they can change directions. If on a grey rock they must keep moving in the same direction they were going. 

The Shadowlings can move wherever they want to stay hidden but can not come in contact with the light from the camplight. If they do while moving or after the light has moved, they are frozen and their mask comes off. The only way to unfreeze them is for another Shadowling to unfreeze them and their mask comes back. 

We have our Seeker close their eyes while the Shadowling moves. The game continues back and forth until all the Shadowlings are together or until all the Shadowlings are frozen. 

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* I was provided with this game for the purpose of my review, but all opinions are my own.