Reading Room: “The Little Guys” Makes a Big Impact

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By Alison Wenger April 10, 2019

My kids LOVE books. From the first books made of fabric and cardboard, to picture books and early readers, they have been fascinated by every type. My favorites though have always been those that have a lesson or moral contained within the fun and humorous stories.

The Little Guys, written and illustrated by Caledcott honoree Vera Brosgol, is the perfect example.

A rhythmic and boisterous picture book, it explores the concepts of teamwork and being small but mighty, as a group unites together to accomplish their goals!

"We are the Little Guys!

Yes, we are small. But there are a lot of us!

Together we are strong, and we can get all we need."

As they head off to find breakfast, they can conquer anything through teamwork—cross deep waters, dig through obstacles, and climb the tallest trees. Nothing can stop them!

The characters of The Little Guys may seem a little familiar if you have watched a room full of toddlers and preschoolers with their unstoppable energy!

Perfect for any time of the day, you and your little one will enjoy the beautiful watercolor art and cheering energy of this terrific new children’s book. You can purchase the book online or at one of your local book retailers.