Children's Books to Help You Celebrate Earth Day

🌎 Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd (and Year-Round)!

April 21, 2021

Celebrate Earth Day with a book and learn how to keep our planet clean and healthy!

NOTE: Click the title of any book to go to the Douglas County Libraries website so you can reserve the book.

Clifford's Spring Clean-Up by Norman Bridwell
Ages 0+
Clifford the Big Red Dog helps his family do spring cleaning and digs up weeds at a vacant lot to celebrate Earth Day.

Celebrating Earth Day (Welcome, Spring!) by M.J. York
Ages 3+
Engage young readers with a story of celebrating Earth Day. Readers are introduced to Earth Day activities, such as planting trees or cleaning up litter.

Earth Day: An Alphabet Book by Gary Kowalski
Ages 3+
From apricots to zebras, this book alphabetically shows many wonders of nature with bright, beautiful illustrations.

Earth Day, Birthday! by Maureen Wright
Ages 3+
When Monkey proclaims that it is his birthday, all the other jungle animals protest, claiming instead that it is Earth Day. Can Monkey convince the animals that it really is his birthday?

The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
Ages 5+
An oldie but a goody, Dr. Seuss’s beloved tale teaches kids to be kind to our planet and to speak up for others. Just one small seed — or one small child — can make a difference.

Michael Recycle by Ellie Bethel
Ages 5+
Michael Recycle, the green-caped crusader, visits the town of Abberdoo-Rimey and proves to the residents that recycling can actually be fun.

Thank You, Earth: A Love Letter to Our Planet by April Pulley Sayre
Ages 5+
This love letter to the Earth shares striking images from around the world that introduce such concepts as nature and science. Winner of the Green Prize for Sustainable Literature.

Earth-Friendly Crafts: Clever Ways to Reuse Everyday Items by Kathy Ross
Ages 7+
Instead of throwing away old toys, clothes, and other stuff, get creative and see what crafts you can make! Along with step-by-step illustrations for 21 crafts, you'll find information about recycling and tips for what you can do to help the planet.