Decode Douglas County Outdoors

June 23, 2021

Summer has officially returned to Colorado and so has the Decode Douglas County Outdoors challenge. After months of staying inside, this is a great activity to get your whole family outdoors and moving again. It's as easy a 1-2-3 to participate!

  1. Print your Decoder Booklet or pick one up at one of these locations.
  2. Read the rules, learn how to play, and find your starting point.
  3. Visit eight Douglas County Open Space or Park locations.

When you arrive, look for the posts within each location. To solve the code, find a numeric clue located in the center of a plaque atop a square post along the trail or in the park. Each post has a plaque affixed to it with a unique image. Place your decoder booklet over the plaque and use a crayon or pencil to make a rubbing of the image to “stamp” your passport.

The first location of your required eight is provided in the Decoder Booklet and a clue is provided at each location that will lead you to the next location until all eight numbers are collected.

When you collect all eight stamp rubbings, you’ve cracked the code! Use the numbers you’ve found to open the locks on the Decode Douglas County Outdoors treasure chest — you’ll win a prize and be entered into the grand prize drawing.

So, pack your Decoder Booklet, remember your crayons, and all of your outdoor adventure needs... and begin your outdoor adventures. You might unlock the code for access to a treasure chest of prizes!