How to Throw a Mad Scientist Party

By Nicole Hayes, Publisher of Macaroni Kid North Huntingdon-Greensburg-Latrobe, Pa. July 17, 2019

My son loves science, so for his birthday we hypothesized that it might be fun to have a Mad Scientist party! Here are the "ingredients" we used to mix together the perfect mad scientist party... great for a birthday or even Halloween!

The Big Reveal

My son greeted his friends at the door and each got his own lab coat. Then they walked into the "lab." We cut a shower curtain liner and hung it in the entrance to define its location.

The Photo Booth

We set up a simple photo booth with homemade props, like a hand-drawn flask, and an atom made from styrofoam balls, hula hoops, and balloons

The Fun

The guests made their own "molecules" with toothpicks and gumdrops. Then everyone put on their safety glasses and gloves for our science experiments! We made snow, rainbow milk, dancing worms, and baking soda balloons. (Find out how to do these easy, at-home experiments — and many more — on our Pinterest board.)

The Food

To keep with our theme, we got some dry ice to add fun to the punch and we served cupcakes that were iced and displayed to look like scientist flasks. Watch the video below to be sure you know how to use dry ice safely before you try it.

The Gift Bags

At the end of the party, we gave each of my son's friends a gift bag that included instructions on how to do the Ivory Soap microwave experiment at home. The bags also included vials filled with candy and everyone got to keep their lab coats and goggles too. 

Our hypothesis definitely proved true: a science party has all the ingredients for a memorable and fun celebration!