Grow Your Child's Self-Confidence Through Arts Education

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November 3, 2021

Classes and lessons with the Performing Arts Academy (PAA) are a great way to supplement your child’s education! PAA offers a wide variety of affordable, schedule-friendly classes for kids in Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.



Through the Performing Arts Academy, your child has access to curriculum-based arts education that

  • fosters independence through age-appropriate responsibilities,
  • emphasizes teamwork and the importance of each individual’s part,
  • encourages kids to fail forward and work through challenges in a supportive environment, and
  • nurtures authentic self-confidence.

Arts Education benefits students in a myriad of ways:


Helps with understanding social relationships, complex issues, and emotions; improves concentrated thought and story comprehension.


Improves math achievement and proficiency, reading and cognitive development; boosts SAT verbal scores and skills for second-language learners.


Helps with creative thinking, originality, elaboration, and flexibility; improves expressive skills, social tolerance, self-confidence, and persistence.


Improves content and organization of writing; promotes sophisticated reading skills and interpretation of text, reasoning about scientific images, and reading readiness.

The Spring Semester begins January 10th and runs for 16 weeks, ending with a Shareformance so you can see what your kids have been learning.

PAA offers something for everyone. View the Spring Semester Class Schedule to learn more about upcoming events and programs!

Performing Arts Academy
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PAA operates year-round!
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