5 Games Your Family Will Love

By Jennifer Hill, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Fremont, CA March 18, 2020

My kids love playing games as a family. I love it because it's screen-free quality time that we're spending together. Over the years we've tried a lot of games on family game nights. Some we play just once or twice and some we come back to again and again. 

Are you looking for a great family game? Here are my family's five favorites:

1. UNO
This classic card game can be addicting! Uno is one of our kid's absolute favorite games. The game -- during which you try to be the first to get rid of all the cards in your hand -- is easy enough for younger players too. The game says it's for ages 7-plus, but my kids have been playing UNO since they were about 5 years old. 

2. Apples to Apples
This is essentially a synonym search game but the educational component is hidden by how fun it is! Be prepared for some imaginative and silly answers and funny disagreements. This is also a great game for a bigger group.

If you have younger kids, check out the Apples to Apples Junior edition. Apples to Apples Jr. is for ages 9 and up, while Apples to Apples is for ages 12-plus, though my kids, ages 9 and 10, have played and enjoyed both versions.

3. Spot It! 
This card game comes in an awesome little round tin container that makes it easy to take on trips or even to restaurants and waiting rooms. There are a number of simple variations to playing Spot It!, but essentially players try to be the first to spot matching images on two circular cards.

I love that it encourages concentration and that it takes just a few minutes to play, making it a great option when you are short on time. The box says 7-plus, but my kids have been playing this one since they were about 4.


4. Scattergories 
Our whole family loves this fast-paced word game, during which a player attempts to come up with a word that begins with the letter rolled on a die for each category on a list. We all have quite a few laughs with some of the words we come up with.

This game states ages 13-plus and, while I agree it is a game for older kids, my kids can play it successfully on teams.

5. Pictionary
This team game comes with both adult and junior clues, making it exceptionally family friendly! The idea is to draw clues until your teammate can guess what your card says. It's hilarious fun seeing the drawings and trying to guess what they are. The box says ages 8-plus, but even the youngest can have fun playing along as part of a team.