Life Lessons Learned at the Pool

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By Jill Burge, Manager of SwimLabs Highlands Ranch March 4, 2020

As the Manager of a swim school, being at the pool is just part of my life. Swimming is one of those unique activities that is both a necessity in life as well as a truly great sport. I mean, life will go on just fine if you never play soccer, but not knowing how to swim restricts the kinds of leisure activities you can do and can literally put your life at risk.

I grew up a strong swimmer. I have raised my kids to be strong swimmers. While learning to swim is important for safety reasons, I've discovered there are many life lessons that are learned in the pool.

Swimming is Great Confidence Booster
My kids were a bit reserved and a little on the shy side when they were younger. Swimming gave them confidence because it was something they had to master themselves. Although they had great instructors, no one else could do the learning for them.

I have one kid who learned to swim in just a few months. I have another kid who took almost two years to be able to independently swim freestyle across the pool. And you know what? That’s okay. They both got to the same place by putting in the work at their pace. 

Even now, when they are struggling with a school subject or a difficult situation, we remind them of the story of their learn-to-swim experience.

Being a Confident Swimmer is a Source of Pride
Both the swimmer and the parent of a swimmer can take pride in the effort required to learn to swim. When my kids talk about being on a swim team, they know they have a skill that is hard. It makes them proud of themselves. And watching them at a swim meet, pushing themselves and trying to achieve a goal, makes me so proud of their determination and hard work.

You Learn to Ask for Help
There will always be areas in your life that you will need help with. Swimmers have coaches even when they are good enough for the Olympics! Having a supportive and trustworthy network of people around you builds a strong life foundation.

You Can Improve by Making Mistakes
Whether it’s an imperfect belly flop off the diving board or a false start in a swim race, young swimmers learn that life goes on after mistakes. With the support of their community, they will be motivated to learn from their mistakes — and do better next time.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
Adults know that having other parents, lifeguards, and friends at the pool equals greater safety and a better experience for their young families, and children will relish being a part of the neighborhood team, too. Learning to cheer on and support friends is a lifelong skill that promotes stronger relationships and makes summer so much fun!

Even as the snow continues to fall, we move steadily ahead toward spring and summer – and life at the pool. Consider the valuable lessons your children will learn at the pool and prepare them to be safe and confident. We’ll exchange snowsuits for swimsuits and embrace life at the pool!

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