School Closing Daily Schedule: Get a FREE Printable!

Schools might be closed, but we still need to keep kids on a schedule for learning

By Barbara Evangelista, publisher of Macaroni Kid Lowell, Mass. March 14, 2020

Welcome to our new reality — the kids are home from school for at least the next two weeks.  

Most families were probably prepared for Spring Break next week, although plans may have been canceled or are still up in the air. After that, many schools are calling for remote learning, where kids are expected to "show up" for class each day via the internet.

Mine would rather spend the whole day watching YouTube videos and movies or playing Fortnite. 

That's not happening on my watch. I know I'll need a daily schedule to keep them focused and productive during this time off school.

This schedule should work for most school-aged kids. Little ones might need some adjustments — less school time, more playtime! 

There are two ways to get your own copy of our School Closing Daily Schedule: 

1. Download and print our FREE PDF 

2. Make a copy of our FREE Google document and then edit to suit your own needs.

I hope this helps navigate the next few weeks of having kids unexpectedly home!