Reading Room: Build Your Home Library with Ellie Makes a Friend

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By Alison Wenger, Lebanon, PA April 14, 2020

At times like these, books are more important than ever. They allow kids to continue learning at home through imagination and connection with characters, while providing a fun escape into a world of make-believe.

Ellie Makes a Friend, the newest title from Disney Publishing, brings back the popular Ellie the artistic elephant for an adventure of friendship and inspiration.

A panda has joined the zoo, and just like Ellie, she's an artist! Ellie is thrilled to make a new friend, but with everyone so impressed by Ping's distinctive painting skills, Ellie starts to question her own talent. As she learns more about her new friend from China, though, Ellie finds that a fresh perspective can lead to new inspiration — and maybe something wonderful they can create together!

Along with new friends, this book features some of your child’s favorite characters from previous Ellie books (Ellie in Concert and Ellie in Color).

From Ellie’s experience with Ping, kids can learn to believe in their own talents and abilities and how to collaborate with others. Additional story themes include making friends and welcoming newcomers at school.

Author-illustrator Mike Wu — an accomplished Pixar animator — once again showcases his storytelling skills in a book your family will love.

Ellie Makes a Friend is available for purchase online. Extend the fun with these Ellie-themed activity sheets.