22 Summer Activities For Families With Special Needs

By Carissa Garabedian, publisher of Macaroni Kid Richmond, Va. July 22, 2020

Many parents of special needs kids — and all kids really! — struggle to find ways to spend summer days that are both educational and fun.

We've rounded up 22 ideas that offer fun and simple ways to engage special needs kids this summer... all while having fun! Many of these ideas are great to work on with kids of all ability levels, even those without special needs. 

1. Teach your child their address
On family walks, work on teaching your child their home address and something to identify about your home and street.

2. Practice crossing the street
Walks are also a great time to work on important basics like safely crossing the street.

3. Play hide and seek!
This can help teach your child that even though you are out of sight, they are still safe.

4. Cook together
Follow a recipe and cook together. Make sure to use a recipe that your child enjoys so they will eat the end product! 

5. Plant a garden
Is a garden too much? No problem. Even planting a single plant can give your child a sense of responsibility, if they're in charge of watering and caring for it.

6. Make a lemonade stand
Your child can help make the sign and lemonade and sit with you to sell your lemonade! It's a great way to encourage interaction, even if your child only lasts 30 minutes out there!

7. Wash your car
On a sunny, hot day, wash your car together!

8. Make a photo album
Include pictures of your family and friends. Share stories while you put it together. 

9. Play hopscotch
A simple driveway hopscotch board created with chalk can provide a lot of entertainment and help your child work on fine motor skills.

10. Make tie-dye shirts
The whole family can make shirts, and then you can all wear them out together on another adventure.

11. Build an indoor fort
A perfect rainy day activity.

12. Visit the library
Check out books and practice being quiet. 

13. Experiment!
Conduct some simple science experiments at home. Here are some fun ideas!

14. Learn a new chore
Teach your kids how to do a new chore. Depending on your child's ability level, ideas include sorting colors in the laundry, sorting recycling, or putting away silverware.

15. Grocery shop
Go to the supermarket and let your child pay for an item or count the change.

16. Visit a park
Go to a park and use the chance to take turns and see others play.

17. Share stories
Talk to your children about stories from your own childhood, and theirs. How do their memories differ from yours? 

18. Lie in the grass
Look up at the clouds. What shapes do you see?

19. Practice facial expressions
Practice making different facial expressions with your child: happy, sad, afraid, angry, surprised. Take turns.

20. Make a home video
Simple and sweet is fine, no need for edits. Save it and send it to a relative.

21. Play follow the leader
Imitation is another great skill for our special needs kids.

22. Go on a picnic!
Everyone loves a picnic! Don't want to travel? A backyard picnic can be just as special — and a lot easier on everyone!

Hope these give you plenty of ideas on simple ways to make lasting memories for your special needs kids this summer!

Carissa Garabedian is the publisher of and mother to a special needs child in Richmond, Va. Carissa also publishes Macaroni Kid Richmond, Va.