Homeschool Series: Expand Your World and Subscribe to FUN!

By Skye Bowman, Macaroni Kid Guest Writer and Homeschool Veteran August 18, 2020

Whether you are homeschooling or enrolled in remote learning, you might suddenly find yourself stuck at home with a lot of extra time on your hands.

Getting outside to break up the monotony is one way Coloradans have survived quarantine and safer-at-home mandates. But with colder weather on the way (eventually), many are scrambling for ways to pack their extracurricular schedule for the school year.

Adventure Pass
The fantastic people at Douglas County Libraries offer an Adventure Pass to library card holders. The Adventure Pass allows you to reserve daily use passes up to 30 days in advance for local institutions such as the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, and many others.

Classes for Kids and Youth Sports
Whether, they've gone virtual, changed their schedule, or limited class sizes, many local businesses have adjusted their extracurricular offerings to continue serving families during these unprecedented times.

The 2020 Kids' Classes and Youth Sports Guide features a huge variety of options for every member of your family, from art and music to martial arts and swimming. Many offer options for students with flexible schedules.

Remember: All of the businesses in the Classes & Sports Guide are participating in our Support Douglas County Small Businesses and You Could Win $250 contest. Whether you are a new or returning customer, be sure to submit your receipt for a chance to win! Good luck!

Subscription Crates
The possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to subscription crates or boxes. Want to learn to cook? Want to build a trebuchet? Want to try beloved snacks from a foreign country? There’s a crate for that.

Some of the best crate subscriptions for homeschoolers allow you to incorporate extracurricular activities such as STEM projects or cooking classes that a regular curriculum may not cover, not to mention the hands-on experience helps foster learning in a way that workbooks may not.

KiwiCo provides STEAM- and STEM-based crates. Their crates are designed to be engaging and developmentally-appropriate, and they offer a line for every single age group. The crates are science-based and nurture a love of learning through play and experimentation. 

Little Passports offers children a chance to explore and experience the world around them without leaving their house (which is something all of us can appreciate in the world’s current state). Little Passports offers lines for various age groups starting at age 3 and going all the way up to 9+. Educational themes cover everything from food and art to world discoveries and habitats. Consider supplementing with a subscription from Universal Yum to receive a monthly box with favorite snacks from around the world.

Home-PE offers a six-week subscription box full of durable equipment along with activity ideas. There is a basic subscription that’s great for one to two kids and a deluxe subscription that benefits larger families, plus an a la carte section to add on extra items if need be. This is a great way to get the kids up and burning energy. 

MEL Science is possibly one of the most engaging crates. Each box includes everything you need to turn your kitchen into a science laboratory. Offering lessons in chemistry and physics, many of their boxes are better suited for older children but they do offer a MEL Kids subscription for ages 5-10.

Raddish Kids is a cooking club and meal prep all rolled into one. While the box doesn’t provide the food, it does include shopping lists, recipe guides, kitchen project, skills card, and new tools and collectibles. It will give sprouting chefs a chance to explore the culinary world, learn new skills, and complete a kitchen-based project. It’s like a Home Economics class, but with some with some added flare and adventure. 

Subscription crates aren’t just for students; be sure to check out something for the adults. Sips By is a tea subscription box. If you need something a bit stronger, look into Winc, a monthly wine subscription that caters precisely to your tastes.

Homeschool Days
Local venues often offer special “homeschool days.” These are a fun way to step away from the kitchen table,and experience the world. Due to COVID-19, much of what is typically offered has very limited space and, in some instances, has been replaced with virtual learning. But many locations are still holding in-person learning, courses, and camps. 

Denver Aquarium has regularly scheduled homeschool classes for a range of ages. In addition, they also offer Zoom classes, teacher loaner boxes, outreach programs, and self-guided tours for homeschool groups. Check out their website for more information or to enroll in a program.

Denver Botanic Gardens offers a five-week series called Homeschool Investigations, starting September 15. They will be exploring nutritional eating, origins of flavor, and what’s on your plate.

Dinosaur Ridge offers educational tours to homeschool and non-school groups. Though the schedule is currently limited, many of the services are still available. They also offer virtual experience options.

Habitats for Homeschoolers at Audubon Nature Center at Chatfield enables home school families to celebrate the outdoors together while learning about the exciting wildlife found around our Denver Audubon Nature Center.

Virtual Field Trips
You may prefer to stay at home, but that doesn't mean you can't go on some field trips... virtual field trips, that is! We've rounded up more than 50 Virtual Field Trips to zoos, aquariums, countries, museums, and more.