Earn High School Credit for Classes & Shows at Performing Arts Academy

December 15, 2020

Taking classes or participating in a musical theater production with Performing Arts Academy (PAA) gives high school students the opportunity to shorten their school day, pursue personal interests not offered at their school, or even graduate early!

PAA has partnered with Alta Independent, who has verified that PAA curriculum meets high school credit requirements. High school students can earn 0.5 credits for each PAA semester-long class or show (minimum 60 hours of instruction) which can be applied toward P.E., Fine Arts, or Electives requirements for your High School Diploma.

Check off graduation requirements with classes and shows at PAA!

How it Works

STEP 1: Register and complete a semester-long class or show at PAA.

Any of the classes or shows offered during the Spring or Fall semesters will qualify for school credit. SEE SPRING SEMESTER CLASSES


STEP 2: Work with Alta Independent to transfer credits
Alta Independent is a fully accredited online high school that offers high school education to students on a full-time, part-time, and dual enrollment basis. Alta Independent will verify the hours of instruction with PAA and work directly with your child's high school to transfer the appropriate credits.

“They have truly provided a way to continue the level of dance training I need while still enjoying a traditional high school experience. This has been a life saver for me! I would definitely recommend this to any student who is receiving specialized training.” –Ali

Performing Arts Academy offers classes for students ages 3-18 on a variety of subjects, including dance, acting, singing, and technical theater. Through their award-winning, curriculum-based classes and theater shows, your student has access to classes that:

FOSTER INDEPENDENCE through age-appropriate responsibilities,

EMPHASIZE TEAMWORK and the importance of each individual’s contribution,

ENCOURAGE KIDS TO FAIL FORWARD and work through challenges in a supportive environment, and


Read more about earning high school credits at PAA at

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