Craft Corner: A Simple Snowman Craft Your Kids Can Make

These adorable little guys are fun for the whole family to help with!

By Joan Scovic, publisher of Macaroni Kid Palatine-Barrington, Ill. February 17, 2021

Looking for a good cold day craft? These little snowmen are so easy to make. Plus, it's a craft the whole family can help with. The supplies are really inexpensive, and the end product is adorable.

What You Need:

  • Wooden blocks. (We used generic tumbling tower/jumbling tower blocks from the local big box store. These typically come 48 to a box for about $5.)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • 1 large nail and a hammer
  • ¾-inch screw eyes (one per snowman)
  • Black and orange permanent markers
  • 6"x½" piece of scrap fabric or ribbon (one per snowman)
  • 6" piece of twine or sisal string (one per snowman)
  • Glue gun, glue dots, or tacky glue
  • Wax paper to cover your work surface (wet blocks will stick to newspaper)
  • Small piece of sandpaper to finish edges

What You Do:

  1. Paint the wooden block on all sides with white acrylic paint. 
  2. If there are any messy edges, use a small piece of fine sandpaper to fix the edges. You can also use the sandpaper to make the snowmen look a bit distressed if you like that look!
  3. Insert a screw into the top of each block. We first made a starter hole with a hammer and large nail and then screwed in the screw eye.
  4. Using the permanent markers, draw on your snowman's face and dots down his front.
  5. Tie a scarf around the block just below the face. We used thin strips of fabric that were easier to work with than stiff ribbon. It's a great way to use up extra crafting supplies if you have leftovers lying around.
  6. Add a dot of hot glue under the fabric so the scarf stays in place. (A glue dot or tacky glue would work as well.)
  7. Tie a piece of string through the screw eye on top, and your snowman is ready for display! 

Personalize your snowmen to use as place cards for special meals. Add them to a gift card for your child's teacher for a personal touch. Get a jump on next year's holiday preparations, as they make great present toppers or ornaments! The possibilities are endless for these little guys!

Happy snowman making!