5 Ways to Say "Thank You" to Your Childcare Provider

By Emily Cowan December 2, 2020

It takes a village to raise a child! Whether your family depends on full-time childcare or the regular help of a trusted babysitter, the holidays are the perfect time to say "thank you" to the caregiver you rely on for much-needed support.

How best to make her feel appreciated for all her hard work this year? Here are a few ideas to mix and match.

1. A personal note. Nothing says "thank you" like a handwritten note that expresses her key contribution to your family. Taking the time to write a note shows you value her time and effort in a way that a gift alone simply can't.

2. Pictures of the kids. A holiday card is a given, but a few extra snaps are always appreciated. Your childcare provider has watched your kids grow and change over the course of time and values these visual reminders just as you do.

3. Kids' thank-you gift. Enlist your kids to make a small craft. This is a great way to acknowledge your childcare provider's role while also teaching your kids to appreciate her contribution to the family.

4. Gift cards. Think "pampering." Find out how she likes to unwind and treat herself, and give accordingly. It really is the thought that counts!

5. Bonuses. The holiday bonus is a time-honored tradition across many professions, and family-based childcare is no exception. According to, part-time babysitters typically receive a $25-$50 bonus, while full-time nannies can expect as much as an additional week's salary.