Craft Corner: A Creepy Crawly Spider Web Craft

🎃 Cool Craft for Halloween

By Chanin Victor, Publisher of Macaroni KID Santa Monica, Calif. October 6, 2021

We hope you don't have arachnophobia because the unofficial insect of Halloween is the SPIDER!

Yep, those eight-legged crawling, weaving architects are amazing... as long as they aren't making their home in one of my bedroom corners.

Your kids can bring a not-so creepy version to life with this easy watercolor craft project. The end product is so colorful and fun that this is a spider you'll want to invite to hang in your living room ... at least through the end of October!

What You Need: 

  • White watercolor (thick) paper
  • White, gray, or silver oil pastel crayons
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Watercolors and watercolor brush
  • Black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue

What You Do:

Use a ruler to draw light pencil lines radiating outward from a center point on your white paper.

Make curved lines up and down each section all the way around the paper until it resembles a spider web.

Use a white, gray, or silver oil pastel crayon to trace over each pencil line. Press hard! (We started with white, but the kids decided it was too hard to see the white, so we decided to use gray instead.)

Use watercolors to carefully paint each area with a different color. 

Create a spider out of construction paper. Your spider should have a head, a thorax (bulbous body), eight spindly legs, and eight googly eyes. You can make your spider any way you want to though. Be creative! We made a regular round-shaped spider and a square Minecraft-looking spider.  

After your watercolor web is dry, glue your spider onto the web. Then hang up your creation for some colorful, homemade, and not-so-spooky Halloween decorations!