Blooming with Excitement: 10 Holidays to Celebrate in April 2024

By Kyrie Collins, Macaroni KID Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher March 31, 2024

April is a month of transformation! This month promises new beginnings as flowers bloom and trees come to life with fresh buds. 

Here are 10 special holidays and events your family can celebrate this month: 

1. April Fool's Day
April 1

Make your kids giggle by adding googly eyes to everything in your fridge or pantry. Or make a dinner that looks like an ice cream sundae. Pretend not to notice when they put a sign on your back. Have fun! But always be wary.

2. National Library Week
April 7-13

Libraries are at the heart of our communities and schools, providing a public space where all community members can come together to connect and learn. We may be biased, but we think our Douglas County Libraries are simply the best! Take your child to get their very own library card this week!

DID YOU KNOW? Most of our Douglas County Libraries locations offer indoor playscapes designed to inspire imaginative play.

3. National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
April 12

A great day to serve this perennial kid favorite for dinner! "Adult" it up by adding other ingredients like bacon, tomatoes, spinach, or portabello mushrooms.

4. Look Up at the Sky Day
April 14

We spend so much time looking down at our phones; this is a great day to put our heads in the clouds! Lie on the grass to see what shapes you can see in the sky.

Afterward, head to your kitchen for a science experiment and create your own cloud in a jar.

5. National Park Week
April 20-28

April 20, the first day of National Park Week, is one of six Free Entrance Days at America's treasured parks! Use this week as a time to explore amazing places and discover stories of history and culture.

DID YOU KNOW? Any fourth-grade student can get a free year-long pass through the Every Kid Outdoors program.

6. Earth Day
April 22

This is a great day to assess how your family impacts the environment and think about small changes you can make to help our environment.

We have 5 fun ways to celebrate Earth Day with your own family!

7. Passover
April 22-30

Passover, also known as Pesach, celebrates the Biblical story of the Exodus, in which Moses freed the Hebrew slaves from Egypt. This holiday also celebrates social justice, freedom, and equality — very relevant concepts today.

Here are 9 ways to make Passover fun and meaningful.

8. Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
April 25

Let your kids spend a few hours with you at your workplace to give them a glimpse of what you do.

9. Pay It Forward Day
April 28

Mark this day by letting your kids come up with an act of kindness as a way to "pay it forward." It's a great way to show them that even small gestures of kindness matter — and ripple outward.

Need ideas? We have 52 Random Acts of Kindness!

10. Hairstyle Appreciation Day
April 30

Hair seems to be the one thing that no one is ever satisfied with. My curly-haired friends wish they had straight hair, and I envy their luscious locks!

Just for today, love yourself and your hair (or lack of it) just the way you are.