Rocky Mountain McDonald's Owners Team Up To Donate To Teachers

Teachers: Apply now for a $2,000 donation

By Macaroni KID May 2, 2022

Rocky Mountain McDonald’s Owner/Operators have awarded $10,000 to Colorado teachers so far in 2022 ... and they're not done yet!

The McDonald’s Owner/Operators are continuing to provide K-12 teachers the opportunity to apply for $2,000 to improve the learning experiences for their students in 2022. 

A class will be selected every other week when school is in session in 2022. K-12 educators can apply for these funds through a simple application. 

Those who apply should be prepared to answer the question: “How would you use this money to improve the learning opportunities for your students?”

So far in 2022, McDonald's has presented $2,000 checks to five Colorado teachers. They are:

Kirsten Miller, orchestra teacher at Carmody Middle School

Kendra Bissonette, second-grade teacher at Saint Pius X Catholic School
Pam Coulahan, second-grade teacher at Rockrimmon Elementary

Lisa Ordway, physical education teacher at Van Arsdale Elementary School

Rachel Arney, middle school teacher at St. John the Baptist Catholic School

McDonald’s Owner/Operators are local residents who live and work in their communities, sending their kids to local schools and running their businesses just like any other small business owner. They employ locally and use local suppliers whenever possible, contributing to the local economy. They donate their time, food, and money regularly to community organizations and schools. McDonald’s Rocky Mountain region includes approximately 40 local franchisees who care very deeply about the communities where they do business. That’s how ‘One Class at a Time’ was hatched: The desire to help where it’s needed the most.

“Rocky Mountain McDonald’s Owners believe that the education of our children is very important to our future and the foundation for success,” said local Denver McDonald’s Owner/Operator Eli Asfaw. “Unfortunately, especially through the pandemic, many classrooms lack the resources to provide adequate educational experiences. Local McDonald’s Owners are very excited to launch this program and contribute to enhancing those educational opportunities where it’s needed the most.”

See teacher Lisa Ordway surprised with a check from Rocky Mountain McDonald’s Owners!

Local educational support a continuing effort

Local educational support is not a new concept for Rocky Mountain McDonald’s Owner/Operators. They are proud of McDonald’s free education program called Archways of Opportunity, which provides a variety of free initiatives and education resources. Participating franchise restaurants provide tuition reimbursement for college and employees have the opportunity to earn a free high school diploma through an online course that allows them freedom to pace it out according to their own comfort level, as well as free English courses for those who are learning English as a second language.

Local Owner/Operators have supported the Colorado Parent Teacher Association for over sixteen years and were one of the largest sponsors of the State of Colorado’s One Book Colorado program, which put over half a million new books in the hands of preschoolers over approximately 7 years. They also support communities through their 25+ year partnership with the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and their Annual ‘Academy Awards’ and Scholarships Event in Denver and their ongoing partnership with the Colorado Hispanic Chamber with support of local schools, just to name a few. 

McDonald’s is hiring! Job seekers can visit to learn more and apply to a restaurant near them, or text ‘apply’ to 38000 to find jobs at a McDonald’s near you.