Momentum Offers Premiere Competitive & Developmental Cheer Programs

All Star Prep Tryouts are August 6th and 7th!

July 25, 2022

Momentum Athletic Center in the heart of downtown Parker is the proud home to 27-time national All-Star Cheer champions. 

A Divisional Two program at Momentum’s newest dedicated cheer and Ninja facility offers Elite (full year) and Prep (half-year) All-Star Cheer programs. Momentum also provides developmental cheer programs like performance cheer, cheer 101, and coed tumbling classes, along with several specialized skills classes throughout the year.

Locally owned by Marlene and Kevin Warr, Momentum’s philosophy is simple: kids come first, and every child is treated and met at their level. At its core, this is a family-oriented gym. Their objective is to develop athletes and young people at the same time, shaping their instruction based on healthy progression and skilled coaching while instilling lifelong values and character.

In part to the great success of this program, the Warrs plan to expand their current cheer and developmental programs in a new Parker location this fall. 

Owner Marlene Warr said, “We could never have imagined the wonderful support we have from our local families. We are thrilled to expand our current cheer and developmental programs to meet the needs of our Momentum families and local communities!” 

All-Star and Developmental Cheer program lead, Seth Colliver, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Momentum’s cheer and tumbling programs. He cheered for the University of Missouri for four years before teaching International Cheer in Korea, China, and Nigeria.

A 10-year UCA staff alum, Seth leads a talented group of coaches and hopes his experiences help break down stereotypes about cheerleading. From his Paul Bunyan-esque look to his fundamental approach to coaching, Seth is not your stereotypical cheerleader, and his program isn’t either — it’s challenging, athletic, and loads of fun. 

His coaching team has extraordinary skills, each carefully selected for what they bring to the program and All-Star family. 

Coach Chris Lowrie has an incredible resume. His All-Star coaching journey started in Texas in 2008, and he’s been coaching All-Star cheer ever since. He has two world championships, an impressive men’s power tumbling background, and he runs a tight ship.  

Coach Stephanie Holm was a competitive Level 8 gymnast before she competed as an All-Star flyer for seven years. Her diverse coaching and experience in both competitive gymnastics and cheer are a fantastic fit for Momentum, where many of their Elite athletes started their journey in competitive gymnastics. 

If you are interested in joining an All-Star Cheer program, please take a minute to read over their tryout packet. Walk-in athletes are welcome! Prep tryouts are on August 6th and 7th at 10831 S. Crossroads Drive in Parker.

Momentum Athletic Center’s successful All-Star program starts for many in their developmental cheer and tumbling classes. The Warrs have always recognized that children who want to compete at a high level should have the opportunity to do so, but development, safety, and a love for the sport continue to be their priority. Their developmental programs give children a recreational outlet and the athletic skills and foundation that crossover to many other sports. 

Momentum has added several developmental cheer and tumbling programs this year — from Performance Cheer to skill-specific classes like Stunting 101 and 102. New classes pop up often and for different age groups, ranging from preschool to high school. 

Is your child interested in cheer or tumbling in a relaxed learning environment? Momentum’s developmental cheer programs range from Mini Cheer at age 4 to high school prep classes. Their beginner classes introduce the fundamentals of cheer, stunting, and tumbling to anyone with no experience required!

Your first class at Momentum is always free! Try a class without a commitment. 

Find more information about all of Momentum’s programs at

Momentum Athletic Center
10831 S. Crossroads Dr., Parker
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