10 Special Holidays and Events in September

Read a Book Day, Grandparents Day, and Talk Like a Pirate Day — just to name a few!

By Kyrie Collins, Macaroni KID Highlands Ranch-Parker-Castle Rock-Lone Tree Publisher August 29, 2022

Welcome, September! It's one of my favorite months: the kids are back in school, the days are getting cooler, and the aspens will soon begin to shimmer. Corn mazes and apple orchards are ready for families to visit. And did I mention — it's time for pumpkin spice everything?

Want to make September extra special? Here are ten holidays and events your family can recognize during the month:

Labor Day
September 5

Labor Day is the day Americans pay tribute to the contributions and achievements of our workers. Plus, as the unofficial end of summer, it's a great day to savor every last minute.

Here are 10 Fun Ideas for Labor Day Weekend.

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National Pizza Days
September 5 and September 20

Two days to celebrate pizza this month? Why not?!? Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day first, and then a few weeks later, mark National Pepperoni Pizza Day. The kids will love you! Order out or grill your pizza to celebrate!

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National Read a Book Day
September 6

Make some time to read today, then read something you love with your kids. Share the joy of reading with them not just today but every day. Need book suggestions? We've got TONS of recommendations!

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National Day of Service and Remembrance
September 11

Today is a day to reflect on the devastating 2001 attacks that changed our country so much, remember those we lost, and give thanks to the first responders. One of the ways we can honor this day is to serve our community.

Help inspire unity and millions of acts of kindness and service for 9/11 Day, the federally-recognized September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance. Find out how to participate here.

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National Grandparents Day
September 11

The second Sunday of September celebrates the special relationship between our children and our parents. If the grandparents are local, spend some bonding time together. 

If they aren't local, plan ahead and send a handmade card and some recent photos of the kids.

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Hispanic Heritage Month
September 15-October 15

One of our former publishers shared a delicious recipe for Arroz con Leche that she learned from her mother and grandmothers while growing up in Tepic, Nayarit. Make it for Hispanic Heritage Month as one way to celebrate the histories, cultures, and contributions of those whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

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International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 19

Avast, me hearties! We've got 10 great ideas to help you celebrate, and most require hardly any planning at all!

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First Day of Autumn
September 22

As summer slips away into fall and the days get shorter, enjoy the cooler fall weather. Celebrate fall by finding the local fall happenings on our event calendar. Look for the (🍂)!

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Rosh Hashanah
September 25-27

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. This year it begins at sundown on Sunday, September 25. Many families celebrate with large family meals featuring traditional food such as challah and apples dipped in honey, representing the wish for a sweet, happy new year.

Try our amazing recipe for Jewish Apple Cake, perfect for Rosh Hashanah celebrations.

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Good Neighbor Day
September 28

We all need more good neighbors. How can you be a good neighbor? Here are three ideas: 

  • Invite neighbors to gather on the weekend to help a neighbor in need with yard work.
  • Start a neighborhood garden.
  • Pool your tools for a neighborhood tool-sharing co-op.

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