Did You Know? 5 Tree-Themed Things for Kids to Learn this Week

By Sarah Hauge, Publisher, Macaroni Kid, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial September 19, 2022

As a kid, I was blown away the first time I watched a video showing how maple syrup is made. For a long time, I believed you could poke a hole and harvest syrup from any tree.

Through trial and error — and a little intervention from my parents — I quickly busted that theory and now get my syrup exclusively from the grocery store.

Did you know that Vermont generates more than half of the US's maple syrup? With more than 3,000 sugarhouses, this small state has undoubtedly made a significant impact. I couldn't imagine a stack of pancakes without this iconic Northeastern delicacy.

Below are five more tree-themed things to teach your kids this week.

1. A silly joke.

Spruce up your joke collection with this funny tree-themed joke.

What did the palm tree wear to the pool party? Swimming trunks.

2. A new vocabulary word.

How well do you know Colorado's trees? You may recognize an aspen, a Douglas fir, or a Colorado blue spruce, but one tree variety is even more common in the State Forest. Admittedly, I had never even heard of it before.

What is a Lodgepole Pine? Lodgepole pines are one of Colorado's most common trees. They represent approximately 60% of all tree covering in Colorado's State Forest. By comparison, spruce and fir trees account for 23%, and aspens cover the remaining 17%.

Visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website for more information about trees in Colorado.

3. A word puzzle.

To solve a rebus, consider not just the words but the placement, size, color, and quantity of everything within the box (and sometimes just outside the box!) when trying to decipher the puzzle. 

4. A fun fact.

"Endemic" is a word used to describe something particular to a specific geographic region. Endemic species, for example, include the Galápagos tortoises, primarily found in the Galápagos Islands, and honeycreepers, a bird variety found exclusively in Hawaii.

Like these animals, trees have endemic varieties as well.

Did you know? There are more than 60,000 varieties of trees, yet more than half of these only occur naturally within the borders of a single country. Brazil, Columbia, and Indonesia are countries with the highest numbers of endemic tree varieties.

5. Teach a personal discovery.

According to Celtic Tree Astrology, there are trees associated with each birth month that form the foundation of our personality and behaviors.

What is your birth tree? Check the One Tree Planted Birth Tree List to read more about the tree and traits associated with your birth month.

  • December 24 - January 20: Birch
  • January 21 - February 17: Rowan
  • February 18 - March 17: Ash
  • March 18 - April 14: Alder
  • April 15 - May 12: Willow
  • May 13 - June 9: Hawthorn
  • June 10 - July 7: Oak
  • July 8 - August 4: Holly
  • August 5 - September 1: Hazel
  • September 2 - September 29: Vine
  • September 30 - October 27: Ivy
  • October 28 - November 24: Reed
  • November 25 - December 23: Elder

"It's not about what it is; it's about what it can become." –Dr. Seuss, The Lorax.

Did you learn something new? Now's the time to pass that knowledge on! Be sure to come back next week for another five FUN things to teach your kids.