Theatre Review: NEWSical the Musical ~ September 7-25

September 10, 2022

Winner of the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for Best Musical, NEWSical is the hilarious, ever-evolving, always-changing, up-to-the-minute musical comedy of all the news that’s fit to spoof.

Through sketches, parodies, and original music, NEWSical tackles everything from the lowest depths of reality television to the highest office in the land.

NEWSical the Musical
Garner Galleria Theatre, Denver

September 7-25, 2022

The Garner Galleria Theatre is one of my favorite venues for theatrical performances. With its intimate seating arrangements and eclectic productions, it feels like one of the off-Broadway theaters my husband and I used to frequent when we lived in New York.

I am a bit of a politics junkie, so I was very excited to see comparisons to "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. I was mildly disappointed that there were very few bits that were political, although there were great impressions of both the current and previous presidents.

My disappointment quickly subsided once the sketch comedy began. Topics mostly cover pop culture, celebrities, and social trends. The four performers — two women and two men — are incredibly talented impersonators, singers, and comics.

They make fun of just about everyone, from Adele and Brittney Spears to Cancel Culture and As-Seen-On-TV products, but nothing felt mean-spirited. Some of the topics are fairly recent headlines (Depp v. Heard), while others are much older but still familiar.

Pre-recorded videos are shown between the live sketches to keep the audience entertained while the performers prepare for the next bit. The show is fast-paced, with another laugh around every corner. NEWSical is the 5th longest-running musical in Off-Broadway history, and it's easy to see why!

Overall, NEWSical is a light-hearted show that will make a fun date night and give you a bit of a respite from the heavier headlines out there!

Tickets start at $48, and good seats are still available. Purchase yours by calling or visiting