50 of the BEST Middle-Grade Fiction Books for Tweens & Adults Alike

By Sarah Hauge, Macaroni KID Englewood-Greenwood Village-Centennial Publisher May 15, 2023

Though middle-grade fiction is written for the pre-teen (ages 8-12) crowd, these niche pieces of literature have quickly climbed to the top of my favorites list. Even as an adult, I can proudly say that middle-grade fiction is my #1 go-to book genre... and there's no shame in that! Adults stand to learn a lot from middle-grade fiction, and these books can bridge the gap between kids and their caregivers.

One of the reasons I turn to middle-grade fiction first is that the content offers a quick escape from the stresses of everyday life. With simple language and page counts typically under 300, these books have imaginative storylines that transport readers to far-off places and inspire them to think like a kid again. Where else do you get to hold conversations with animals, picture a world built in the clouds, or dream up a lifestyle based on magical powers?

In addition to thrilling adventures, middle-grade fiction can be a valuable tool for personal growth. I've found that these books often deal with complex themes such as identity, friendship, and coming of age. Reading about these experiences has encouraged me to reflect on my own life and gain new insights as I raise my children through their tween years.

Not sure which books to start with? Below you'll find a whole slew of fantastic middle-grade fiction to explore. Whether you start with a series, read through the rainbow, or pick up a book at random, these tried-and-true titles are ones you don't want to miss!

All recommended books are linked directly to Douglas County Libraries to help you check out a copy from your local branch.

Recommended middle-grade books... in a series:

Recommended middle-grade books... with red covers:

middle-grade books... with orange covers:

Recommended middle-grade books... with yellow covers:

middle-grade books... with green covers:

Recommended middle-grade books... with blue covers:

Recommended middle-grade books... with purple covers:

Other recommended 
middle-grade books:

Here's my challenge to you this week: Take time for a literary escape or work on personal growth. Whatever your preference, there are so many wonderful middle-grade fiction books to explore. Happy reading!