Continue Your Swimming Adventures This Fall – Save 10% at SafeSplash

August 14, 2023

The children are returning to school, and you are getting into the new routine! Summertime and all the fun it brings are coming to a close, but your swimming adventures don't have to end when summer does. 

It's important to take swim lessons year-round. Continue to grow your child's skills and reap the many benefits swim lessons can bring.  


Safety in and around the water doesn't stop when school starts. It should be a priority all year.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has found kids who take formal swim lessons have an 88% lower chance of drowning.

If the summer took you to many pools, lakes, or beaches, continue their progress with swim lessons.


Swimming has many physical and mental health benefits. It builds muscle and muscle memory. It can be meditative as it requires slowing down the mind and focusing on breath and movement.

You may think year-round activities will negatively impact academics, but it is, in fact, the opposite.

Kids who learn to swim and keep swimming have better visual-motor skills. Some studies show improved coordination and balance in children who took swim lessons at an early age.


Just like adults, children feel more secure when daily activities are familiar. Consistency gives structure to their daily life.

A consistent routine will help them feel safe in their environment. Swimming is an activity that follows a predictable order. 


Swimming challenges kids and helps them overcome fears. It teaches them to set and achieve goals through repetition, hard work, and dedication. That confidence can help them in other sports, school, and throughout life.


If "laughter is the best medicine," look no further than swimming to cure what ails you or your child. After all, USA Swimming calls it the "funnest sport" for a reason!


SafeSplash Swim Schools in Castle Rock and Lone Tree/Parker provide year-round swim instruction and stroke technique refinement starting from Parent-Tot classes. We are different than other swim programs:

  • We offer a fun, safe environment with warm water pools, climate-controlled viewing areas, and family-friendly changing rooms.
  • We are always innovating. Our enhanced curriculum we will roll out in the fall focuses on Safety, Skills, and Fun! 
  • Our highly trained and qualified instructors will take your little fish learning bubbles to butterfly. All of our instructors are CPR, concussion, and water safety certified. We continue hands-on coaching and training with all our instructors year-round.
  • We offer unparalleled customer service, family-first convenience, individual attention, passionate instructors, cutting-edge curriculum, and exceptional value.

SafeSplash Swim Schools in Castle Rock and Parker/Lone Tree invite all Macaroni KID Readers to give them a try and discover the SafeSplash difference. Get started now, so your entire family will be ready to enjoy swimming for a lifetime to come!

New customers get 10% off their first month of lessons with code NEW10 when enrolling online. Learn more and sign up here!

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