10 Family Movies to Watch During Hispanic Heritage Month

Get some QT with the fam while celebrating Hispanic culture

By Susannah Ferguson, publisher of Macaroni KID Columbia, Mo. September 25, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month is when Americans come together to celebrate and honor the impact of Hispanic culture, history, and contributions in the United States.

While there are countless ways to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month, one fun and accessible approach? Watch a movie! 

This Hispanic Heritage Month, gather your loved ones for a family movie night with captivating stories, colorful characters, and profound insights. It's not just entertainment! The right movie is an opportunity to delve into the heart of Hispanic culture while enjoying quality time with your family. 

Here are ten kid-friendly films that are great to watch during Hispanic Heritage Month. These movies are sure to captivate, inspire, and educate. So, grab the popcorn, settle in, and let the cinematic journey begin!

The Book of Life (PG): An animated movie about a Mexican boy, his bullfighting family, and generations of ancestors with lots of opinions. Proof that family drama really does last for centuries.

Coco (PG): A beautiful coming-of-age animated story of a Mexican boy following his dreams alongside his rich cultural and family traditions. Be warned, you'll be singing the soundtrack for days.

Encanto (PG): An animated Disney musical featuring a Colombian girl and her family, who each have unique and magical gifts. Tons of music, art, and culture woven into the story and images make for a fantastic watch. Plus, there's all that not-talking-about-Bruno to look forward to.

McFarland USA (PG): A feel-good movie based on the true story of an all-Latino cross-country track team in Central California. Celebrate their wins and trials with smiles and tears along the way. You might even be tempted to take up some jogging of your own.

Pachamama (PG): A 10-year-old boy living high in the Andes Mountains embarks on a journey to retrieve the most treasured item of his people. An endearing look at indigenous South American culture and the condor rides don't hurt.

Vivo (PG): An animated story that features a musical kinkajou (tropical rainforest mammal) and his friends in Havana along with a hip-hop and Latin-inspired soundtrack. Musical mammals make for great movies.

In the Heights (PG-13): Musical drama that explores the lives of young people in the predominantly Latino Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City. It's easy to love this story of a loving community dealing with issues of racism and immigration. And the dance moves are seriously inspiring.

Real Women Have Curves (PG-13): A comedy-drama starring America Ferrera that takes on body image issues, family, and cultural expectations, and one Mexican-American girl's dreams of something more. Family drama is the universal tie that binds.

Our Quinceañera (NR): An uplifting documentary about a Texas border town that comes together to help impoverished teens celebrate their Quinceañera. A moving tribute to culture and community you won't soon forget.

Underwater Dreams (NR): The inspiring true story of undocumented sons of Mexican immigrants learning to build underwater robots and take on the likes of MIT in competition. An underdog story that's sure to tug at your heart and remind you that kids are so smart.