Questions Kids WANT to Answer: Having Meaningful Talks with Your Kids

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October 9, 2023

For many parents, this is a busy time of year. Kids going back to school, gearing up for the holidays, and everything in between can make it challenging to slow down.

Rather than repeating mundane questions like, "How was school today?" it is important that we take time to check in with ourselves and our children. Carving out time to ask open-ended questions and making space for meaningful conversations can deepen our relationships with our children and support them with whatever they may need.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), good communication strengthens the parent-child bond and can create a safe space for children to express their emotions and ideas. Open-ended conversations also foster creativity, self-esteem, and confidence and can help to develop their language, communication, critical thinking, and social skills.

Sometimes, children want to tell us about their lives but are unsure what words to use. We can help guide them and even enhance our own conversations with others as well.

Below are some questions that help start those meaningful conversations and allow your child to check in with themselves and with you.

Try incorporating these questions throughout your week. Ask a few questions after picking your kids up from school, at the dinner table with your family, or before bedtime. The more we ask these questions, the easier it will be to have these conversations naturally, and it will offer a safe space for your children whenever they need it.

"What was the best part of your day?"
Asking open-ended questions instead of "yes or no" allows for more conversation.

"Would you rather get a hug or a high five?"
This allows your child to tell you what kind of physical touch they're comfortable with.

"What makes you feel brave?"
This helps you understand how they view themselves and learn what makes them feel empowered.

"How would you show someone you care about them?"
This question could offer information on your child's primary love languages.

"What is something new that you'd like to learn about/do?"
This conversation can encourage learning and exploring the interests of your child.

"What do you think that person is feeling?"
Practicing empathy and recognizing emotions is important in emotional development.

"What are five words to describe your best friend?"
This question can allow them to reflect and recognize what a good friend means to them and what values to look for in future relationships.

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